Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - ‘Water for Life’

CSR water for life

Kg Air Simpul is situated in Ijok, Selama, Perak. Currently there are 49 houses (approximately 250 occupants) where majority of them are farmers and fish breeders. The village location is quite far from the nearest main water supply pipeline provided by the Lembaga Air Perak (LAP). Previously, Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak (Perak Department of Health) had provided water to this village by using gravity feed system (GFS) from the existing stream (Sg Simpul) where the water intake was constructed using Gabion wall. However, the gabion for this system had been destroyed during a flood in September 2015.

This CSR project was initiated by District Office of Selama (Kelab PETANDA), in order to rebuild the gabion that was destroyed, and also to reinstall HDPE pipe to the villagers’ houses. The initial meeting between Head of Water Security Cluster (WSC), USM and the Assistant District Officer for Selama and her colleague was held on 1 April 2016 and hosted by Division of Industry and Community Network (BJIM), USM. From the initial meeting, it was decided and agreed that WSC will provide the designing of the water supply system which includes designing of limestone horizontal roughing filter, intake weir and hydraulic system. All the cost of materials, access road and food for the volunteers will be borne by PETANDA Club through fund raising from several sources such as IM4U and others. Apart from USM and PETANDA Club, few other government agencies are providing the volunteers; which are the District Corp of Engineers (Rejimen Askar Jurutera Daerah Taiping), Fire Brigade (BOMBA), Malaysia Royal Police (Polis Diraja Malaysia), Civil Defence Department (Jabatan Petahanan Awam Daerah Selama) and Perak Helath Department (Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Perak). Additionally, the main volunteers are the villagers of Kg Sg Simpul who will be directly benefited from this project.

On 15 April 2016, 7 lecturers and technicians representing USM team went for the first site visit to the village of Kg Sg Simpul to make technical assessment on site suitability for the weir and roughing filter. During the initial assessment it was found that the proposed weir will be 125m above Ordinance Datum (AOD), the filter is 119m AOD and the highest house at 85m AOD. Site clearance work started on 6 August 2016 and the HRF construction started on 9 August 2016. The HRF (located at 110 m above sea level) was constructed using ferro-cement method replacing plywood as conventional method and the construction took 15 days to complete (23 August 2016). The HRF, 1.8 m x 9.0 m, has three chambers filled with different sizes of limestone as the filter media. This filter is estimated to be able to provide 2 m3/hour of treated water.

The construction team started on weir construction on 24 August 2016 and completed it on 4 September 2016 (12 days). The weir is provided with an intake sump, 10 inches scour pipe complete with scour valve. Raw water is drawn from an outlet HDPE pipe with a diameter of 110mm. The construction team started on weir construction on 24 August 2016 and completed it on 4 September 2016 (12 days).

Water Security Cluster lead by Prof Ir Mohd Nordin Adlan would like to acknowledge the following volunteers from USM who have contributed their expertise and skill for water supply to the bottom billion community in Kg Sg Simpul, Ijok, Selama, Perak.

1.Prof. Dr Hamidi Abdul Aziz
2.Prof. Dr. Ismail Abustan
3.Prof Ir Dr Md Azlin Md Said
4.Prof. Dr. Taksiah A. Majid
5.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Suffian Yusoff
6.Assoc Prof Dr Kamar Shah Ariffin
7.Assoc Prof Dr Fatimah Denan
8.Dr. Shaharudin Shah bin Zaini
9.Dr Mohamad Fared Murshed
10.Dr. Mohd Remy Rozainy Mohd Arif Zainol
11.Dr. Puganeshwary Palaniandy
12.Dr. Nuridah Sabtu 
13.Dr. Noorhazlinda Abd Rahman 
14.Dr. Mohd Anuar Kamaruddin
15.Dr. Nurul Hana Mokhtar Kamal
16.Dr. Fatehah Mohd. Omar
17.En. Zulkifly Hashim 
18.En. Rasidi Razak
19.En. Mohd. Fouzi Ali
20.En. Mohd Fauzi Zulkfle
21.En. Dziauddin Zainol Abidin
22.En. Zulhairi Ariffin
23.En. Muhammad Zaini Mohd Zuki
24.En. Shahril Izham Md. Noor
25.En. Mad Fadzil Ali 
26.En. Mohd Taib Yaacob